Access God's presence, Encounter Him, Be Transformed!

Let's go on an adventure together!

See Israel in a new way!

Grow and be challenged in your faith and walk with God!

Hear powerful messages and conversations, join a family and find community with us!


"I almost want to say... Don't continue your life without doing this...!"

~ Previous Participant

iAscend is an online experience which you can join from home!

This journey is a journey of the heart, that leads you to access God's presence, encounter Him and be transformed!

Come with us on a guided tour through Israel, with your own personal tour guide Andrey! He'll show you Israel like you've never seen before!

You'll find powerful messages from inspiring speakers, opportunities for growth through our tracks, podcasts, engagement notes, stories and much MORE!

You'll also have opportunities to join our Ascend family for regular Live workshops, masterclasses and community events with our team!

More about iAscend...

iAscend is an Online program which compliments, but in no way replaces our 10-day program, on location here in Israel!

Join us as we take you on a real encounter with God through Israel:

- Ancient and modern Israel tours!
- Powerful and prophetic teachings!
-Track options!
-Live workshops and masterclasses!
- Community 'hangouts' with the Ascend team!
-Downloadable journalling challenges and worksheets!

Ascend is a program of transformation. Not only do you get to experience the beautiful land and its people but you are challenged to your core in your walk with the Lord. You will not walk away from this program the same.

~ Previous Participant