Visit - Shiloh!

What makes Ascend unique and unlike any other tour or online program, is the places you visit as part of your journey.

Every destination has been carefully chosen to be an integral part of the adventure you're on with God. iAscend's locations are not the same places that you will visit on our 10-day program, they have been selected to give you a virtual, boots-on-the-ground-like tour!

When you enroll on our ALL ACCESS program, you will also get to visit:

  • Mount Carmel
  • The city gates of Dan
  • Mount of Olives
  • The Jordan River
  • Tel Dan and the false altar
  • Bethel
  • The desert
  • Mount of Beatitudes..... AND MORE!

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For now - come with us for an incredible experience in the inspiring ancient city of Shiloh standing in the Samarian hills of Central Israel!

This is the location that God chose for the tabernacle to stand in its first location as the people entered the land from Egypt.

We hope you have your sunscreen on, as well as your journals ready to write all that you learn from this epic tour!

Don't forget your sunglasses!