Welcome to iAscend!

We're so happy to see you here!

We pray that this is a journey of encountering God's presence in a new way, that takes you on an adventure of transformation!

We're with you all the way!

The Ascend team

One of the ways we've made this Online Program accessible, is to make LOTS of ways for you to engage.

One of our favourites is the Life Transformed Podcast!

Check out the introductory episode here!

We've also created a private facebook group for our iAscenders to find community, connection and more interaction!

You can join here!

We're so excited to introduce you...To Andrey!

Your own personal tour guide throughout this online journey - he'll be guiding you through some spectacular places, as well as giving you incredible historical, biblical and prophetic insights to these places!

The place you'll visit during iAscend are completely different locations to those on our 10-day program here in Israel, so you won't have any repeats!